Christopher Horsey Headshot 2017.jpg

Fuelled by a desire to create theatrical experiences which use tap dance in unique and creative ways, Artistic Director Christopher Horsey has teamed up with Producer Ella Lehaf to establish, the ART of NOISE, which generates Australian content for the stage and screen and jobs for the local artistic community. the ART of NOISE is committed to empower areas of the industry often overlooked in the world of tap dance and as exemplified by our cast choices in Peta & The Wolf, creating strong relevant roles for non-males. 


the ART of NOISE premiered their first show, Two Hits & A Ms, at Hamer Hall on April 11 2022 and a creative development showing of Peta & The Wolf at Chapel Off Chapel on April 29 & 30. 

“I am committed to finding the heart in all our presentations and leaning into the storytelling and emotional qualities tap dance can achieve.” - Christopher Horsey